Here's the first of a couple of very special stones that I have ready for sale, finally, out of the Topaz collection. This stone is very hard and it is not easy to work. It is a very ancient topaz as the rock that it came from is over 750 million years old. During that time it spent eons under a chain of mountains as high as the Himalaya. Gradually the mountains wore down and the root of the mountains rose up creating the Gem District of Ontario. In these ancient mountain roots there are many crystals and a dizzying variety of gemstones. I was very lucky to come across the large crystal mass that these jewels came from.

This first rock is 3.5 grams, or 17.5 carats. The s\gem is mostly clear, but has many wide variations in colour. To the eye it looks like part of it filled with snow crystals. It is generally a deep orange in colour, but in fact almost every colour of the rainbow can be seen in the stone. It has a great deal of inner iridescence and has an inner glow of metallic hues. These topaz change colour with the light and it is extremely difficult to replicate what the eye sees with the camera. Inside the topaz are bubbles that can contain gas, or water. The specific gravity of pure Topaz is about 3.4-3.5, but this topaz is only 3.1 due to the large amount of gas and liquids in the stones. The hardness is 8. It easily will scratch a quartz crystal, but a quartz crystal will leave a white streak on the topaz. leaving it untouched.

The asking price for this stone is $425.00 CA, or $25 dollars a carat. This is very good price for topaz and it is doubtful that it could be matched anywhere is the world. The stone is hand cut and hand polished. It took many hours to complete this jewel. It is very rare to find such highly coloured topaz, as most is clear, or white, but the topaz in this finding ranges from clear to pink, orange, yellow, and deep opaque orange that appears black to the eye under normal room light. The black gems look similar to black diamonds ,but are much harder and durable. They are unique in the world as I have not been able to find a source for such deeply coloured topaz anywhere on the planet. The prices for deeply coloured topaz can range up to well over $1000.00 US per carat, so you can now understand what a good investment acquiring these topaz is. It is very likely that the value of these topaz will increase many fold over time as there is only a very limited supply.

 This is a double sided gem with both sides have almost equal beauty. The "front" side has more facets, while the other side is flatter. Topaz forms layers like mica and this stone is one layer, or cleavage, thick. It is 1.3/4" long by 7/8" wide and 1/8 inches thick (3.2mm x 22mm x 44.5mm)

Here is the second Topaz. It is an Imperial Topaz and would normally sell for $100 a carat up. The colour is a deep brownish orange. the most sought after colour. It is the colour of amber, but, much harder. many of the topaz actually look like amber with things inside, just like amber. This stone however, is quite clear with just some inner flow lines. It appears perfectly clear when the light shines though it with no inclusions.There are no surface flaws that can be seen under the loop. An almost perfect stone. It is 7/8" long and 1/4"wide and thick. It is a spindle shape. It has a definite top side which is multi faceted on a curving surface. The back side is more convex with many facets and a flat top. It weighs five carats. The asking price is $150.

The prices will increase and it is likely in the future that a jewel of this quality will for many time more than this first offering.

Seven Carat Oval. Hand cut and polished. 19mm x 10 x 10 mm Deep amber colour transparent. loop clean, no inclusions. $150.00