The Black Moonstones found on this page are representative of what we offer. Unfortunately digital photography does not do justice to the lustre of this gemstone. It is very opaline in appearance and displays the colours of its surroundings and the colour the light shining on it. Sunlight can bring our dazzling arrays of sparkles and colours set upon a black background.   There are several different varieties available. Some are jet black with a silvery sheen and very shiny. While some are black clear crystals rendered semi-opaque due to inclusions in the crystals. The spectrographic analysis shows that these are mostly rutile (titanium-dioxide) and magnetite. These tiny crystals and the crystal structure of moonstone makes these moonstones very unique indeed. These crystals are magnetic and some even have their own polarity. There are very, very few magnetic crystals known in the world and no other magnetic moonstones. Example pricings are shown on some of specimens below. Please feel free to get specifics on any stone as more will become available. Generally the pricing is about $20.00 CDN a carrot, but each piece is individually priced according to design and quality of the cut. Some are a low as $5 a carat.

 More perfect larger stones which require extensive design, cutting and polishing may be up to $40 a carrot. 

The hardness of this moonstone is between 7 and 7.5 depending on the exact variety in question. This is harder than most moonstones due to the tungsten in the crystals. It is also denser and much shinier than regular moonstone. 

 Black moonstones are very rare and there are no others in the world quite like these moonstones. When polished the surface is clear revealing a constellation of tiny points of light and colour set upon a black background. There is very limited quantity of this gemstone and once its gone there never be any more found. Spectral analysis showed it contained about 6% magnetite making it very magnetic. This not only increases its rarity, but also adds to its potential as healing gem. 

 These Black moonstones glow with a thousand points of light in bright sunlight and look like a black field filled with thousands of stars. They are very beautiful and are the ones of their kind in the world. Prices are $20 per carat. 

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