Here is the Topaz collection so far. The stones are fully polished now. There are about 40 stones ready for market. They range from 3 carats to 28 carats. Some of the stones are virtually flawless, but these stones are very dark and appear almost black as the one in foreground in the images here. I want to show how the gems change colour depending on the light. Paracelsus called Topaz the Gem of the Night as it is ruled by Scorpio and reveals its most vivid colours under subdued lighting and blanches in the sun. In the brightest light they take on a purple tinge. and the white ones will appear blue under blue skies. The visual colours range from deep orange to white. The black ones are actually orange. When light shines through them every colour of the rainbow can be seen, often in metallic hues, as you can see in the pictures 

While most of the stones have many flaws, it is the flaws that make these stones so special. They were formed deep in the cores of ancient mountains and gradually rose up through the crust until they were exposed. During that time many impurities were mixed with the Topaz, such as chromium, which imparts the pink and red colour. The red colour comes from chromium, one of the markers for Topaz. The hardness has been tested at 8.0 and the specific gravity at 3.53

Each gem is hand sculpted. Each is an attempt to find the greatest beauty in each individual crystal and make it shine. Inside the crystals are flakes of impurities which very often look like flakes of gold inside the crystal. There are often also flecks of metallic red, blues and greens. The gold are best seen under brighter lighting conditions, while the coloured little stars come out most brilliantly under subdued lighting conditions.

here is something about these jewels that make them look like there is liquid inside them. Some remind me of underwater scenes, while others may be scenes of golden lakes surrounded by mists.

These Topaz are unique in the world. There are none other like them. The various colours out of one crystal mass is quite surprising. There several pounds of these crystals. some are very perfect and flawless and very large. One crystal I weighed at 105 grams. Some are much large, but I am not sure of their purity as they have not been fully removed from the shell of feldspar and mica around them.