• The Sapphires that we have come from Eastern Ontario. They are the first sapphires to have ever been discovered here. Further explorations will be required to determine if there are more sapphires in the area, or not. The sapphires found so far are yellow, clear, grey, green and pink. Some are very light blue when polished. We have yet to find any deep blue ones. We also have found one very, very large ruby. The stone weighs 27.43 grams, 137.15 carats. This makes it one of the largest raw Rubies on the market in the world today.  One side is yellowish as there is a second crystal twinned on the side that is part yellow. Some of the sapphires re very large as well. the largest is over 160 carats making it one of the largest sapphires in the world right now. As is true of all the specimens found at Ontario Gemstones all are rigorously tested and certified and guaranteed to be pure natural Ontario Sapphires. The hardness is 9.0 and the SG is 3.99. Most of the rough stones are spindles, which is a dead giveaway for corundum minerals. A few specimens are selected below for your viewing. All Sapphires and Rubies in general have inclusions and striations. These are natural stones. and so too have inclusions in them and striations. Sapphires and Rubies are generally heat treated to deepen the colour and remove the inclusions and striations. We can provide heat treating if desired. 

F1 Sapphire spear 4 carats. Golden Sapphire. This is a very beautiful and rare stone. Unfinished. Not for sale yet. 

F1 Sapphire Reverse side of the gem. the colour is exquisite. 

F2 Sapphire. Light yellow sapphire 2 carats. unfinished
F3 Sapphire oval. Nice colour combinations and sparkle. 2 carats. unfinished. 
 A tray of clear Sapphires of various colours. Inquiries are welcome. Each stone is priced according to weight, colour and clarity. 
The Ontario Gemstones Ruby. This weighs a stunning 27.43 grams, or 137.15 carats. This makes this one of the world's largest Rubies. It is worth an estimated $3,000,000.00. It is 47x27x15mm. .

The Ruby from another angle. It still has an outer shell. This makes it difficult to see into the crystal, but it appears to be quite clear with few inclusions. 

Here we have the Ruby with a scale  for size comparison. Nice deep colour in this image. 

Here we have the reverse side  of the Ruby Some yellow can be seen near the top. 
Here we have a very large yellow Sapphire. It weighs 19.41 grams, or 97 carats. This is one of the worlds largest yellow Sapphires on the market. Estimated value $1,000,000.00. It is 43x27x20mm. 
This is the reverse side of the Yellow Sapphire.

This is a fabulous Pink Sapphire. It weighs 8.8 grams, 44 carats, $100,000.00

Another view of the pink Sapphire
Side and back of the Pink Sapphire
This is our largest Sapphire crystal It weighs a whopping 32.44 grams, or 162.2 carats making it the largest sapphire on the market today. It is 35x35x20mm. It is actually a clear grey green colour with a brownish coating. The stone appears quite clear when viewed under magnification. It has a few small crystal clinging to the sides, but the main mass is the single large crystal spindle. The left hand side is the top of the spindle. Estimated value $3,000,000.00

Here we have the bottom of the 162.2 carat Sapphire. 

This side of the sapphire shows some of the many small crystal clinging to the side.