Our "Black" Jade is a rare form of Jade. It is dark green and translucent, but it is shot through with a wide variety of colours such as orange, yellow and red. Perhaps most unique of all regarding this gemstone is that it has flakes and veins of Silver metal which gives the whole stone a silvery sheen when polished making it extremely reflective. We are primarily offering the Jade as cut pieces $50 a pound. 

The dark jade is dark green with yellow, orange, red and silver accents. The silver is pure native silver, never found before associated with Jade. We call it the Dragons Tears. It sparkles with light in bright sunlight. We have prepared pieces and slabs cut to any size ready for carving. When it polished it is extremely reflective and takes on a silvery sheen due to the high content of pure native silver. 

We also have light green and white jade. I will upload some samples soon. Individual sculpted pieces are priced on merit. Prices to follow. 

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We call our Jade the Dragons Tears as it is multi coloured with dark green as the base colour and  threaded through with yellow, orange red and silver. The silver colour is caused by veins of native silver running though the matrix making this the most beautiful and rarest Jade in the world. When highly polished the stone takes on a silvery sheen due to the native silver. The most unique Jade you have ever seen. This makes this very popular with everyone who sees it. Very reasonable prices. Staring at $10 a gram.